What to Look for In An Online
Addiction Treatment Program

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What to Look for In An Online
Addiction Treatment Program

Online addiction treatment programs for alcohol and drug use disorders are emerging as a particularly effective means of long-term recovery. They allow patients to more readily and affordably access care, help them embrace the treatment process by being more comfortable at home, and offer a variety of other benefits that improve and increase positive treatment outcomes. It is important to realize, however, that not all online treatment programs are created equal, and there are some baseline criteria of which to be mindful when making your selection. When searching for an online alcohol and drug addiction treatment program for you or your loved one, it helps to ensure your prospective facility checks certain boxes.

Addiction is a chronic medical condition, just like diabetes, high blood pressure or anything similar. While it is easy for an organization to claim they offer online alcohol and drug addiction treatment services, these claims must be supported by offering coordination with medical services, like detoxification and withdrawal management, physician assessments, follow-up appointments, medication-assisted treatment, as well as individual and group therapy. An effective addiction treatment program is one that can provide a full continuum of care that addresses all aspects of the chronic disease.
One of the primary advantages of the online alcohol and drug treatment model is the 24-7 accessibility of staff to help you or your loved one with any program-related issues. Many of these programs have online portals that allow you to arrange counseling and therapy sessions around your schedule, and it is important you have access to someone, day or night, in case you have to schedule your routine outside of normal business hours. Be sure your program offers round-the-clock support in case you encounter any administrative, technical, or other issues related to your engagement and compliance with your specific treatment program.
No matter what type of addiction treatment program you choose, one of the first things you should assess is the quality of the clinical staff. These are the primary figures with who you or your loved will be interacting with regarding treatment, and it is important that they are academically and intellectually equipped to handle your diverse care needs, particularly in an online environment. The good news is that online addiction programs often allow you to pick from a vast network of care providers in your area, rather than a fixed team of treatment professionals with whom you may or may not positively connect.
The reality of addiction treatment is that it can be expensive. While online alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs offer more affordability because of the decreased cost associated with running a facility, the cost can be reduced, even more, depending on the scope of your insurance coverage. Ask the admissions professionals at your prospective facility if they accept employer-provided insurance Medicare or Medicaid, if applicable. They will be able to conduct a full insurance verification to help you determine your options for having insurance pay for your alcohol and drug addiction treatment.
Many continue to be wary about the prospect of online alcohol and drug addiction treatment because they are clinging to traditional treatment approaches and practices. The reality is that online treatment may be ideal for patients with anxiety disorders, those who can not take off from their jobs and are struggling with a wide variety of other issues that make it hard to access treatment. iRecovery is ready to help you or your loved one explore the benefits of online treatment so you can decide if it is right for you and get back on track today.
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