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If you or your loved one struggles with mental health or substance abuse difficulties, you are not alone. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 73.8 million adults in the United States had either a mental illness or substance use disorder. Yet less than half of those with mental health difficulties (46.2 %) received mental health services.

Recently new, innovative programs aim to make treatment more accessible and affordable through online counseling and iRecovery has pioneered this movement. Founded in 2019, we began this endeavor to help reach those in need before it became common practice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our online therapy brings behavioral therapy to you, offering telehealth by experienced, licensed clinicians. “Telehealth” refers to the use of computers, smartphones, or tablets in order to provide remote therapy services and treatment at your convenience. iRecovery recognizes the advantages of online treatment and we are ready to provide help to you or your loved one.

We accept most insurance and provide accessible and convenient quality of care at a fraction of the cost of many in person practices. iRecovery provides therapy for mental, emotional and substance abuse by connecting patients with our team of licensed therapists. Patients looking for professional healthcare treatment can find the help they need at iRecovery via the internet.

At iRecovery treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs. Following an initial assessment, patients are assigned a licensed therapist who will be there to guide them every step of the way throughout their treatment. Each patient may devise their own unique schedule with their therapist in order to make the recovery process as convenient as possible. Therapy sessions can be held via our HIPPA compliant tele-video portal. We even provide therapists with flexible hours so that you do not miss out on the care you need. For as long as there is a strong internet connection, our patients and therapists can meet through our secure telehealth platform.

  • Assessing if a patient is ready for the treatment
  • Evaluating the patient’s mental and physical behavior
  • Developing a treatment and recovery plan for the patient
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the therapy
  • Recommending the patient to other experts, or higher levels of care, if necessary

One major difference between in person and online therapy sessions is that patient privacy and confidentiality is well maintained. This is because your visit with the counselor is performed online as opposed to treatment in a busy outpatient clinic, doctors’ office, or rehabilitation center. Patients can easily integrate therapeutic services into their daily lives via our online telehealth platform. Additionally, this is especially useful for those who are unable to travel, homebound, or cannot otherwise access quality and affordable therapy.

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One of the biggest advantages of an online outpatient alcohol treatment is it helps prevent relapse when the patient can not physically go to the therapist, according to a study from the British Journal of Psychology. The patient may get support from the online therapy session from qualified licensed professionals.

Online psychotherapy can bring about real-time, on-the-spot counseling, especially for situations when the patient is in need to talk to someone. An advantage of using an online platform is that the patient is not limited to in-person consultations that require advanced travel time.

At iRecovery, our online counseling services are private and confidential in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which provides guidelines to keep all patient information private and encrypted.


Every patient is unique, so to embark on a patient’s journey to recovery we begin by determining their individual difficulties, experiences, and feelings towards their difficulties. Our therapists then create a personalized treatment plan to address and manage a patient’s mental health and/or substance abuse conditions and any other assessed areas in need of treatment. We believe that providing high-quality, integrated care like this is the best way to help patients recover.

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Any patient seeking counseling can take advantage of our online alcohol treatment in Florida. This may include those who are physically unable to leave their homes due to individualized risk factors or if they are suffering from other limitations, such as a disability. Through the use of technology and digital tools, we can help provide continuing aftercare services to those who have received stabilization treatment or begin the treatment process for those who have not received prior care.

For many patients isolated at home from friends, family, and treatment an online alcohol rehab program in Palm Beach County, FL, can provide an outlet for patients to connect with therapists and their peers through individual and group therapy sessions.

We highly encourage patients’ family members to participate in family therapy sessions as appropriate. Patients who are trying to cope and recover need all the support they can get from their loved ones. Additionally, family members may have suffered with mental health or addiction as well, so it is important for them to understand your recovery process.

If you have been considering counseling, but do not know where and how to start, then contact us at iRecovery. At our group practice in Palm Beach County, we are more than willing to answer your questions and assist you. Get in touch with us today!

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