How Does the Admissions
Process Work?

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Seamless and Expedited Entry into Treatment

Very often, people seeking treatment fail to make it past the admissions process because of hassles and barriers associated with procedure and other issues. iRecovery recognizes the immense courage and strength it took you or your loved one to seek treatment, and we do everything we can to be your partner as you take this amazing first step.

As iRecovery offers primarily remote care, patients do not have to go through many of the traditional hoops that they would for a regular inpatient or outpatient program. The admissions process is designed to be as easy as possible so patients can start reaping the benefits of treatment right away.

The initial admission and assessment takes approximately 1-2 hours total with our intake staff and then a licensed provider. The counseling staff will meet to determine your eligibility into the program. The admission portion of the program involves a brief 5–10-minute orientation that will review the requirements of the program.

Among other intake documents, the patient will be asked to sign a consent to treatment and program participant contract. We will also conduct a full insurance verification to determine your options for coverage and payments to make the treatment process as affordable and accessible as possible.

After patients are admitted, patients will undergo evaluation and consider recommendations for treatment.

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