Everyone’s addiction treatment needs will vary based on their unique situation, and while not always the case, gender can have an influence on the treatment process. Because of the effect of gender, some treatment centers offer women-only or men-only programs, and some addiction treatment groups are exclusive to one gender.

The purpose of gender-specific treatment services is to ensure that each client’s unique needs are met. When entering addiction treatment, men may present with specific needs and challenges. Learn about them here.

The Influence of Male Gender Roles

While society has progressed and attempted to eliminate stereotypical and disparaging gender roles, the truth is that men may still subscribe to certain gender expectations. For instance, men are expected to be strong, masculine, and independent. It also tends to be frowned upon for men to be vulnerable, which can make it difficult for them to show weaknesses and share their emotions during treatment. Given this fact, men need treatment programs that are especially sensitive to their needs for privacy.

Men may also have a competitive nature, which can make them resistant to others’ suggestions, especially in group treatment settings where they may receive feedback from other people who are in recovery. Competitiveness can also make men reluctant to accept feedback from a therapist, making it essential for men in addiction treatment to be paired with therapists who use a collaborative approach and establish a working partnership with men in recovery.

Specific Treatment-Related Barriers

Beyond the influence of gender roles, men may have specific barriers when entering treatment programs. Sometimes, women may experience these same barriers, but given men’s roles within their families, they may be more likely to experience certain barriers. For example, men may be resistant to seek treatment, as they may worry that it signifies a weakness or will result in negative judgment.

Men may also be the primary breadwinners or sole financial providers for their families, which can lead to them have concerns about taking time off from work for treatment. Leaving home to attend an inpatient treatment program may go against what a father or husband perceives to be the behavior of a “good man.” Men can benefit reframing the decision to seek treatment as a sign of strength, and a commitment to bettering themselves for the sake of their families.

Making Treatment Accessible and Effective for Men

Despite the challenges that come with male gender expectations, men can find effective treatment programs that take their needs into consideration. If you are a man seeking treatment for an addiction, it may be comforting to know that addiction treatment professionals will keep your information confidential, and they cannot share details of your services with anyone without your permission.

In addition, many treatment centers employ licensed professionals, including psychologists, social workers, and counselors, who are trained to develop collaborative partnerships with their clients and take clients’ preferences into consideration when formulating treatment plans. A well-trained addiction treatment professional will take the time to build a trusting relationship with you, so that you are comfortable working alongside them as you begin your journey toward recovery.

Given the challenges that come along with juggling the demands of work and family while attending treatment, many treatment centers offer flexible scheduling options, including evening appointments. Some treatment centers even offer remote services, so you can attend treatment online from work or home at times that suit your schedule.

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