The iRecoveryUSA team, including Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jeffrey ZipperChief Clinical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Huttman, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt, were joined by celebrity guest, former Denver Bronco and current Recovery Ambassador, Vance Johnson, as well as representatives from many addiction recovery organizations throughout Florida to share their mission in providing accessible, affordable treatment to all who suffer with addiction or mental health struggles.

South Florida Insider

From meeting with the iRecoveryUSA staff to watching the recently aired WPTV Channel 5 News segment on the company, the grand opening was filled with accomplishment, as all three doctors shared what a bright future is instore for the company.

“We had such a great Grand Opening event and I’m thankful to the local addiction recovery community for attending and welcoming iRecoveryUSA’s telemedicine addiction and mental health services to all who need them,” Dr. Zipper said. “We can’t wait to see what the future holds for iRecoveryUSA.”

After each of the doctors spoke, Johnson discussed his personal addiction story while he played for the Broncos and even detailed how telehealth services like iRecoveryUSA are the future in dismissing the negative stigma about seeking treatment.

“I think what the team here at iRecoveryUSA is doing is truly remarkable,” Johnson said. “There are so many people suffering from addiction who cannot afford traditional treatment, so I want to wish them well and thank them for creating this incredible treatment option,” Johnson added.

iRecoveryUSA provides an online and private path to recovery for people seeking to overcome addiction. They created a revolutionary new way to treat addiction to drugs or alcohol that is now available without patients having to leave the safety and security of their home. iRecoveryUSA brings physicians, psychologists, licensed master’s level therapists, addiction counselors, and other licensed professionals to you and your loved ones via telemedicine services in order to improve the chances of a successful recovery. A leader in 100% remote detox, recovery, and addiction treatment, visit their website and follow them on all their social media @irecoveryusa.