You have commitments; you cannot pick up and leave your life, but you know it is time for a change. Recovering from alcohol and addiction will enhance your experience for the better, but how will recovery work when you still have a family to support? 

With advancements in technology, online recovery programs are effective options for those struggling with addiction. According to Psychology Today, online treatment programs are effective, therapeutic, and patients are likely to stay committed to the programs because they work. 

Online recovery is convenient, affordable, without the disruption required if you attend residential treatment. So how does online recovery work?

What Are the Digital Services Included in Online Recovery?

Online recovery resources include the following digital options:

A combination of digital options creates the most effective program for you. 

Will My Family Participate in My Recover?

It is always your choice to have family involved in your recovery, but it is encouraged. Online recovery programs offer a significant opportunity to have your family involved in your treatment, even if those family members live far away. 

Often people seek addiction treatment at the positive encouragement of family or because of an intervention. Their participation can assist in a positive experience for the one in recovery. 

The family dynamic is very powerful for those struggling with addiction. Online addiction therapies can help address areas of distress within the system, so the recovery process is empowered. 

What Do Online Recovery Programs Entail? 

Addiction recovery is unique and customized to the needs of the individual seeking treatment. 

Treatment is comprehensive and connects you to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are connected with iRecovery staff, leading physicians and therapists in your area who understand addiction recovery. 

Online Addiction Recovery Programs offer the following services:

  • Streamline admission, intake, and assessment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Coordinated medical services
  • Qualified medical and behavioral health staff
  • A supportive internal staff
  • Flexible insurance coverage and financial options

Online recovery programs are ideal options for those seeking help with addiction and mental health concerns, which need flexibility and motivation for change. You will never be alone and supportive staff will assist you on your journey to recovery. 

online therapy for drug addiction in Florida

Contact iRecovery if You Need Help Now for Alcohol or Drug Use

We can help with addiction struggles, no matter how in-depth or complex. You can get the help you need today for your alcohol or drug use disorder.

iRecovery is an online recovery program based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our staff will assist you through the admission process so you can start recovery as soon as possible. 

An individualized treatment plan will be developed with you as an individual in mind. You will meet with counseling staff and a prescribing provider to jumpstart your treatment. Insurance and payment options will also be discussed to ensure your recovery program is as affordable as possible. 

If you would like more information about our online addiction treatment services, please contact us today! 

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