There are many reasons people delay treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Fear, shame, and isolation are all common in addiction. They are often the strongest reasons people do not seek help, even though they know it is necessary to save their life. 

Thankfully there are now online addiction treatment options that are effective for drug and alcohol abuse. They are a private, convenient, and affordable alternative to traditional treatment options. You can be successful at beating your addiction through these online programs. 

Online Drug Counseling

With the help of online drug counseling, you can access licensed physicians, psychologists, and therapists at iRecovery. Treatment is virtual, so you have access to your providers on your schedule, regardless of where you are located. 

Medication assistance and opioid treatment are also available for those who need that option—no need to delay treatment out of fear of withdrawal from substances. Physicians are available to assist you on the journey so you remain comfortable and able to focus on the other areas of treatment.

Counselors tailor your treatment to your specific needs. It is an ideal option for those who may have financial barriers. Online drug treatment is also confidential, so you can be assured that your privacy is maintained. 

Online Alcohol Counseling

Though 14 million adults suffer from alcoholism, less than 8% seek treatment. Access and affordability can often be reasons one may not find the help you need when struggling with alcoholism. Online alcohol counseling is an innovative way to get help to start the life you are meant to have. 

Physicians, therapists, and case managers work together just as with online therapy for drug addiction, to design a program specific to your needs. Telehealth platforms are secure and HIPAA compliant. The therapists also have flexible schedules so that they can meet your unique requirements. Assessment, developing a plan, evaluating effectiveness, and ongoing recommendations and referrals are all part of the process for success. 

There is no need to delay treatment for alcohol abuse. You can be assured that through online alcohol counseling, your mind, body, and soul will receive the healing necessary to reclaim your life. 

online drug and alcohol treatment

Learn more about Online Recovery Programs at iRecovery

Receiving online drug and alcohol treatment in your home is a miraculous option. Online recovery programs work because they are private, affordable, and accessible. You can find success with a comprehensive, virtual program. 

Our team will help you alleviate withdrawal symptoms, reduce addictive cravings, and help curb the obsessions that come with addiction. You can be assured you will be treated as a “whole” and are not just a number. 

iRecovery combines behavioral therapy, counseling, and medication assistance to provide safe and effective treatment. Through medical care, individual and group therapy, family sessions, case management, and therapy, a successful online recovery program is made. Our team cares about your success in treatment. Let today be the day recovery begins so you can be the person you were destined to become. 

If you would like more information about our online alcohol and drug counseling, please visit to schedule an appointment or call us at 855-770-0581. Contact us today to discuss your options and needs.