iRecovery’s Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt MD joins What’s the Fix: Prescription For Change Show host Andrea Bailey. In this interview, Dr. Rosenblatt and Andrea discuss the overdose crisis in America, we gain insight into the history of iRecovery, we hear from iRecovery patient Dawn Wilkerson, and explore advancements in telehealth mental health services.

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This interview is available online and also was broadcast live on WTKS-FM, Orlando’s 104.1 Real Radio, October 30th, at 7AM EST.

About ‘What’s the Fix: Prescription For Change Show’
Every Saturday morning at 7:00am, community leader and show host Andrae Bailey brings important discussion on mental health and the dangerous path many are taking with substances. “What’s The Fix” offers insights from top local and national experts that can impact your family and the world around us.

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